Cooper Cup Regatta  - April 29, 2018


Parking - The street will not be closed. All spectators should park in a legal parking spot along North Park Drive going up the course toward the start from the finish line area that is not marked No Parking By Police. See map of area by clicking here. Parking is also permitted in the stone parking lot next to the Columbus statue and there is limited parking in the restaurant parking lot. The area from the finish line to the trailer area (along the river) will be marked off with no parking in sections please be sure to not park in these areas.

Directions to Camden County Boathouse, 7050 N. Park Dr.,  Pennsauken, NJ  08109

From the West:

Pennsylvania Turnpike east to the Valley Forge exit. At Valley Forge take I-76 (Schuylkill Expressway) east to Philadelphia. Stay to the left after passing the Girard Avenue Exit. Exit at I-676 (Vine Street Expressway). Follow signs for Ben Franklin Bridge. Go straight ahead after the tollbooth to Admiral Wilson Blvd/Route 30. Do not bear right onto I-676. 

Go about one mile and then take the right branch at top of overpass onto Route 130 South.  Immediately get in the right lane, and take the jug handle for North Park Drive.  Follow North Park Drive. 

From North or South:

Exit New Jersey Turnpike at Exit 4. Go right onto NJ Route 73, North. Exit from Route 73 onto NJ Route 38, West. Exit from NJ Route 38 at Cuthbert Blvd. Go south on Cuthbert Blvd. (Collingswood, Oaklyn). 

Pass first traffic light on Cuthbert Blvd. Turn right at the next road onto South Park Drive. Follow South Park Drive to Route 130 and turn right onto Route 130.  Take the next right onto North Park Drive. 


From Route 38 South, take Route 130 South.  Take the jug handle for North Park Drive.  Follow North Park Drive. 

From South:

From I-95 north follow signs to Walt Whitman Bridge (past Philadelphia International Airport and the Philadelphia Naval Base). On bridge stay in right lane and take first right as you come off the bridge. Follow signs to NJ Route 130 north. Stay on Route 130 through one circle (Collingswood Circle). After going under an RR bridge watch for Cooper River on the right (it looks like a lake, not like a river). Take first right after passing the river (the first traffic light). This is North Park Drive. 

From North:

From I-95 south follow signs to Betsy Ross Bridge (just past Bridge Street Exit). When you come off the bridge follow signs to NJ Route 130 south. Stay on Route 130 for a few miles to a major intersection. Pass through the intersection still staying on Route 130. At the next traffic light you want to turn left but you must exit from the right (it’s a jug handle). This is North Park Drive. 

regatta details

Cooper River Park's Olympic-distance 2000-meter straightaway has drawn praise from international rowing experts who say its sheltered, narrow course provides ideal rowing conditions. Cooper River Park has hosted numerous major rowing events, including the Olympic trials and the Intercollegiate Rowing Association championships.

Spectators Please take a moment to read the Camden County Park Commission-Cooper River Park Rules. 

  • No vehicles are permitted to drive or park on the grass and/or ball fields.
  • Please leave your area as you found it. It is your responsibility to properly dispose of trash. If you need extra garbage bags come to the finish line and we will provide them for you.

Course Map

Racing Details

  1. The course will be fully buoyed. The start is on stake boats.  Novices will be expected to connect to stake boats in a timely manner.  Coaches please practice stake boats.
  2.  All boats shall provide their own lane #’s and must be equipped with a bow ball and foot release straps.  All boats will be checked.
  3.  Launch when called: Have someone carry oars to the dock for your crew; Tie in on the water; 90 seconds on the dock. Follow buoys away from the dock.
  4. Row up to the start staying outside lane 1. Do NOT stop on the finish line on your way up. Try to stop if possible when a race in coming down but do not make yourself late to the start.
  5. There will be a marshaling area at the starting  line.  Remain in the marshaling area until called to your lane.
  6. Boats will enter the course in descending order starting with lane 6 going across first, then lane 5, etc...
  7. Be ready to start at any moment.  With a tight schedule the starter can not and will not wait for boats that are not following instructions or are not getting into the stake boats in a timely manner.  Count down starts will be used at the starter’s discretion.
  8. Races will not be held up for hot seating or crews not in the marshaling area prior to your event being called to the line.
  9. The breakage zone is clearly marked, if you break equipment in the zone stop, raise your hand and notify the officials immediately.  Jumped slides, crabs, and problems with the cox box do NOT count as breakage.
  10. After you cross the finish line stop, follow the buoy line steering your boat toward starboard.  Steer well clear of boats launching and proceed to the landing dock.
  11. Have someone on the landing dock to get your crews oars off the dock quickly.  Again no more than 90 seconds on the dock.
  12. If after the race you wish to protest you must sit at the finish line and raise your hand.  An official will come over and listen to your protest.  They will either make a decision there or tell you to write a formal protest and give it to the Chief Referee. If they give you a decision on the water but you still feel that is not acceptable you can appeal to the Chief Referee in writing.
  13. All athletes, coaches and spectators are reminded that sportsmanlike conduct is expected.