Race Recap: RRA Masters Open the Season at Rockland Lake

May 6, 2017
Nyack, NY - RRA masters opened their season by hosting a scrimmage at Rockland Lake on Saturday. A large contingent of rowers from the Ever Green, Greenwich, Highlands, PCRA, PRRA, and Swan Creek teams came out to compete.

A brisk wind roughened the water considerably, but event organizer Ivan Rudolph-Shabinksy encouraged rowers to row across the chop to the leeward side of the lake, "The wind at the dock was about as bad as we ever get at Rockland Lake, but those who braved it were rewarded with flat conditions and great racing along the east shore."

The rowers managed to get in several 1,000 meter races in team boats over the course of the morning, racing two or three times each. No times were taken. "An early season scrimmage like this was a great way to shake the cobwebs out after our winter training and remember what going fast (or trying to) on the water feels like," said Ivan.  

Swan Creek rower Alan Albanir appreciated the "friendly competition and conversation afterwards" and said, "Even with the wind, you have a really special place to row." 

Next up for the masters is the PCRA Orchard Beach Masters Regatta on Sunday, June 4.