Adaptive Rowing Programs

Rockland Rowing created the Rockland Adaptive Rowing Program in 2016 in keeping with its tradition of community involvement. The program's focus is to introduce the sport of rowing to individuals with physical disabilities including spinal cord injury, amputations, and visual and cognitive impairments.

The adaptive program provides individuals an opportunity to be a part of a rowing community that values teamwork, self-determination, and commitment to personal goals.  Through the sport of rowing, people of all abilities become athletes, learn to take risks, develop confidence, and enjoy the benefits of learning together in a community that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Rockland Rowing has dedicated coaching and volunteer staff trained to work with adaptive athletes to provide a high-challenge/high-support environment using specialized equipment designed to meet the needs of adaptive rowers.

Rockland Rowing works closely with its community partners - the Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital and the Rockland ARC - to build a program which offers recreational and competitive rowing.


adaptive Team 1

For those with physical challenges including those resulting from spinal cord injury, amputation, other physical injury/constraint or visual impairment. The adaptive team includes both recreational and competitive rowers and whenever possible works with the masters team for training and to participate in inclusive events. We offer a range of adaptive rowing equipment.


Adaptive Team 2

This program is geared to rowers with cognitive challenges and includes rowers with autism and other developmental issues. This program offers land-based rowing on resistance machines and on-the-water rowing on a barge which provides a safe and stable environment.