All-Time Varsity Captains


Fall 2015           Cassidy McGovern and Jonas Rociunas-Englert
Spring 2016      Cassidy McGovern and Lucy Tasker
Fall 2016            Juliette Frank
Winter 2016       Juliette Frank and Alex Arcasoy
Spring 2017       Juliette Frank and Alex Arcasoy
Fall 2017            Ariel Deljanin
Winter 2018      Chloe Young and Anthony Feteira
Spring 2018      Gabriele Welp and Anthony Feteira
Fall 2018 Lucinda Carroll, Jake Bardorf and Alex Karanikitas
Winter 2019 Celeste Voutsinas-Klose, Leyla Arcasoy, Jake Bardorf, Alex Karanikitas
Spring 2019