Pathway to Development

If you're wondering which program is right for you, please take a look at our development model below which is meant to explain an athlete's advancement through a pathway supporting a healthy sport experience based on their physical, mental and emotional level and potential for growth. This is applicable to those of all ages. 

Those with no rowing experience and not quite ready to commit are welcome to 75' complimentary introduction to rowing which provides participants an opportunity to try rowing in a fun and safe environment. This class is offered once per month under upcoming events


A foundational program with a focus on the fundamentals and learning the basic principles of technique. 
Offered: Year-round.
Pre-requisite: None. Ages 10+


For athletes who want to explore more organized training options. This stage focuses on developing technical skills needed for safety and competency, and then furthering development through challenges with an emphasis on enjoyment of the sport, the healthy benefits for participation and socialization over competition. 
Programs offered: Youth Development, Adult Recreational, and Adaptive
Pre-requisite: Learn-to-Row or equivalent experience. Ages 12+
Practice: Typically three times per week. 
Racing: None.


For more structured and focused training, athletes will continue to refine skills, increase strength and conditioning requirements, apply skills and strategies from practice to competition and focus on the process of learning and developing from competitive experiences, rather than the outcome of a competitive event. Athletes will compete for the fun, healthy and social aspects of the sport. 
Programs offered: Youth CompetitiveAdult Competitive, and Adaptive.
Pre-requisite: A stage two program and/or coach's consent. Ages 15+
Practice: Typically four to five times per week. 
Racing: Approximately three times per season. 


Athletes are dedicated to maximizing fitness preparation and will focus on personal performance and achievement through goal-setting. Programming utilizes sport-science related information such as nutrition and sport psychology. Athletes commit to increased competition and long-term training in order to excel and progress. Most youth athletes pursue college recruitment at this stage.  
Programs offered: Youth High Performance, U23Adult Competitive, and Adaptive.
Pre-requisite: A stage three program and/or coach's consent. Ages 16+
Practice: Typically five to six times per week. 
Racing: Approximately five times per season.