Each year, RRA sends competitive men's and women's crews to as many as a dozen away regattas during the spring, summer and fall. Competing against other clubs can be a rewarding experience and a great way to test your skills as a rower. 

A list of upcoming races can be found under upcoming events.

Regatta Sign-Up
All rowers must state their planned regatta attendance no later than the deadline communicated by the coaches. All rowers are expected to meet those deadlines and no changes are permitted following that deadline to facilitate the planning for race lineups and practices leading up to regattas. RRA will register for team attended regattas on the rowers' behalf. Scratches within one week of the regatta will incur a $25 fee.

The opportunity to race is designed for experienced rowers who wish to compete in regional and national events. Those with less than a year of experience who are interested in competing should discuss their level of readiness with their coach, as all rowers are expected to understand and be able to functionally apply the terminology and skills necessary to train for and to participate in competitive events.

Rowers must be in good financial standing and fully compliant in order to represent the RRA. 

Assignments in boats will be determined by coaches. 

Regatta fees are not included in the adult program dues. Regatta fees will include your race entry fees, travel for the coaches/coxswains, equipment/boat travel and other logistical details to make the race possible. In addition, each rower is responsible for his/her own travel expenses, including transportation, food and lodging. 

Trailer loading/unloading
All rowers attending the regatta are expected to help with boat unloading/loading and rigging/de-rigging at the event at the times determined by the coaches. Typically rowers derig and load the trailer a day or two before the regatta and are expected to unload and rig within two days of returning.