Racing at Mercer Sculling Championships

April 19th- 20th

Due to rough conditions and high winds at Mercer this past weekend, all of the races were shortened to 1000 meters. Alex Karanikitas, Billy Grippi, Ryan Almond, and Anthony Rostek raced the time trial for the boys varsity single for a place in the seven boat final. They finished 26th, 20th, 11th and 6th respectively. The sixth place finish qualified Anthony for the final and came in sixth place in the final! Adin Deljanin and Jake Bardorf raced in the boys varsity 2x and came 4th in their heat.

On Friday, Celeste Voutsinas-Klose and Hannah Hely raced the girls varsity 2x, coming up just short of making the final by coming in third in their heat. Olivia De Maria and Emma Deljanin raced the girls lightweight 2x, coming 5th in their heat. Caroline High raced the girls varsity single and finished 19th out of 27 boats. On Saturday, they combined to raced the girls varsity 4x, ending up in 5th in their heat. Anthony, Jake, Adin, and Ryan raced the boys varsity 4x, finishing 5th in their heat.

Our novices had their first races on Saturday morning, after a two hour weather delay! The boys 4x was comprised of Nikolai Sazanov, Alex Cathcart, Mattan Goshen, and Kyle Fredricks. The girls 4x was Mae Dolan, Catrina Bernhardt, Sophia Bonardi, and Bridget Hold. The boys came 8th out of nine boats and the girls finished 7th out of 13th.

Full Results Here

Photos from Row2k