Estimated Ship Date for Team Outerwear Items: Oct. 24

Estimated Delivery Date for Team Outerwear Items: Oct. 31

Frostbite Regatta (HP) - weather dependent
Cooper River in Pennsauken, NJ
Saturday, Nov 10
Athletes are expected to arrive by 6:45am. The anticipated dismissal time is 12:30pm.
We’ll need help from parents to set-up and break-down the team tent just above the finish line please. We’re assigned the second row spot 10 next to Whitemarsh. The trailer will be located just below the finish line.
Directions/Parking - GPS for Cooper River Boathouse: 7050 N Park Dr, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08109 (This is a familiar location since we raced there for Cooper Cup).

The racing uniform is a team unisuit with optional white base layer under the top or black tights over the bottoms. If you don’t have a unisuit, please wear team colors.

While on land rowers are welcome to wear any Rockland Rowing tops and hats while representing the team at regattas however please refrain from wearing graphics and large logos other than those of the RRA. Solid tops and hats in team colors or neutrals are acceptable. Please bring layers for early morning and post-race if wet.

Each youth rowing family is asked to contribute $20 toward non-perishable snacks and items like garbage bags and napkins that RRA will keep in stock for the rowers. Athletes should additionally bring their own fresh food as the snacks are only intended to supplement meals.

General Regatta Info

Arrival Budget more time than you need to find parking and locate the trailer. Arrival time is posted on lineups sheet.

Dismissal Rowers will be dismissed directly by their coach following the team's last race of the day and once equipment has been properly stowed away. Anticipated dismissal time is posted on lineups sheet. 

Food Athletes are responsible for bringing their own perishable meals. The Parents Association charges $20 per athlete to provide non-perishable snacks such as granola bars, dried fruit, nuts and water.

Inclement Weather In the best interest of fair and safe racing the local organizing committee will decide at what point to defer to adverse weather plans. Schedule changes are made using the following priority system: delay racing to later in the day, begin racing earlier in the day, use a time-trial system in place of heats, omit a round of an event, cancel events and cancel regatta. Rowers will be notified by their coach if there are schedule changes. Spectators can typically find announcements on the regatta's website or social media pages. 

Line-ups Will be posted the Wednesday before the regatta contingent upon the regatta director’s release of the final schedule.

Racing Details and Rules - Rowers are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the unique procedures and rules of racing for each regatta to ensure their safety and fair play. Rowing is unique in that coaches cannot be on the sidelines to provide assistance during competition. We launch them and the rest is up to them!

Spares or alternate rowers are expected to attend the regatta and help on race day. 

Spectators are not permitted at the RRA boat trailer or in the boat trailer yard. The team will have a hospitality tent set up along the shore as a place for RRA spectators to gather and cheer on the team and as a place for our rowers to hydrate and refuel. 

Uniform Rowers will represent the RRA at regattas by proudly wearing team gear and layer as appropriate for inclement weather. Rowers are encouraged to bring a full set of spare clothes to change into after their race. See below for approved layers to be worn in addition to the required RRA unisuit:  

On the water:

  • Under the unisuit, rowers may wear white base layers, either short or long sleeves are acceptable.

  • Over the unisuit rowers may wear the team vest or team jacket on top and black tights on the bottom.

  • RRA hat or visor

For land, the goal is to protect us from the elements while looking like a team. Any RRA team issued clothing is approved. If you are wearing non-team clothing, please stick to team colors or neutrals i.e. solids and refrain from logos.